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Where do I start when looking for an athletic scholarship?

We always recommend you start your athletic scholarship quest with an analysis of your skills.  Are you an NCAA division I, II or III player or an NAIA student athlete? What are the differences between them? And therefore, what are my target schools?

 How do I build my target schools list?

There are several key variables:  tuition cost, college/university size, location, climate, religious affiliation (if any), academic standing, academic programmes, athletic programmes, class size.

 When do I start?

Student athletes should start the recruiting process in grade 8 or 9.The athletic recruiting scholarship and recruiting process is complex, and there are many requirements.

How do you contact coaches?

We are different from other recruiting companies because we use a personalized service to match each student athlete with schools that match their sport abilities and educational needs.

Are all athletic scholarships full rides?

When you look at athletic scholarships, the full ride is very rare, and for the most part, the vast majority of scholarships are partial.  For basketball and football, designated headcount sports, there are a designated number of full scholarships.  For all other sports, designated equivalency sports, the coaches can split these between multiple athletes.

How many athletic scholarships are offered for each sport?

The number of scholarships vary for each and every sport, and also depend on the school division.

When do I write the SAT’s?

Fall of grade 11 is ideal. If you are interested in a top 100 school you need to also  take 2 SAT II (subject specific tests). Most commonly students take the SAT three times.

Does the NCAA award athletic scholarships?

Individual schools award athletic scholarships, not the NCAA. Division I and II schools offer athletic scholarships. Division III schools offer academic scholarships only. NCAA members provide more than $1.5 billion in athletics scholarships annually.

Is an athletic scholarship guaranteed for four years?

At a minimum, an athletic scholarship must be a one academic year agreement.  In Division I, institutions are permitted to offer multiyear scholarships. Athletic scholarships may be renewed and the school must notify the student-athlete in writing by July 1 whether the athletic scholarship will be renewed for the next academic year. Individual schools have appeal policies for scholarships that are reduced or not renewed. In most cases, the coach decides who gets a scholarship, what it covers and whether it will be renewed.

What do athletics scholarships cover?

Division I and II institutions are permitted to provide a student-athlete with tuition and fees, room, board and required course-related books.

What is a National Letter of Intent?

It is a binding agreement between a prospective student-athlete and the NLI member institution where the student-athlete agrees to attend the institution full-time for one academic year and the Institution agrees to provide the athlete’s financial aid package.